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We will reward our voters by using a relative rate called Top 30 rewarding rate. We will keep track other supernode rewarding rates and adjust our rate to stay in top 30 rewarding rank. You can maximize your voting power and ELA reward by choosing our node as 1 of 36 supernode candidate.


Thailand is one of the country that crypto regulation has been actively worked on by government, SEC and related parties. Blockchain and cryptocurrency communities are also lively here. There are a lot of opportunities for Elastos to grow as well as a lot of works to be done.


From Bangkok Elastos meetup in March 2019, we made a baby step in forming up a Thai Elastos developer group. We're building a plan to bring local developers into Elastos and CyberRepulic. Running a supernode is an important part of the plan as it will be one of our sustainable source of fund for local activities.

In our group, we have long term Elastos believers and supporters since public sales, local community admin and contributor, IT and developers.

We joined IDEA (International Decentralized Elastos Alliance) for supporting decentralization of DPoS nodes and long term growth of ecosystem.

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